Samantha and William | Engagement Photos | Miami, Florida

I have known Samantha (or as we call her Sami) since my middle school years. She is one of my sister's best friends. She would come over the house all the time, as she would refer to us as her 'second family.' She has seen me grow up through high school, go off to college, become a nurse, and now a photographer. Likewise, I have seen her grow and meet the love of her life, William aka Billy. (Although, I had never actually met him until the other day, I only heard stories.) Now, its come full circle when she asked me to shoot her wedding and I couldn't be more excited! What an opportunity it is! For someone who has seen me grow and been in my life since I was a tween, I couldn't be more happy for her, and shoot one of the most momentous times of her life! So raise your glasses with me - Here's to Sami and Billy! Cheers! 

Here's to the Mr and Mrs!


Had to get some images of where Billy proposed!

Love you to the moon!

Last but not least!...

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