Brittany Miller | Equine Portraits | Miami, Florida

After a recent styled shoot with a mutual friend, Brittany had immediately contacted me about doing a horse shoot. She expressed her desire to be around horses again. There's something about horses, that always keeps you coming back for more. Maybe it's their distinct horse smell, or just their way of making you feel better after a bad day?

Immediately, we started chatting about things only horse people would get. Like, when having to change real quick - just go into the horse's stall and close the door. Just make sure nobody opens the door when you're not looking :) 

I couldn't be more happy to shoot and share my love for horses with someone else :) Here are a few of my favorite photos! 


Meet Brittany and Proximo

His dinner was being given so he wouldn't stop inching more towards the gate! 


That shot when you catch him sneezing! 

Thank you so much for working with me Brittany! Can't wait to have you back! 


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