Erika and Julian

Erika has done my mother's hair for many years. Each time she goes to get her roots done, she always comes back with stories about how great Erika is. When I met her for the first time, I already knew she was awesome, but she's so much more! Her fun and free spirited personality made it so easy to connect with her! Let me not forget to mention her son, Wesley. The skateboarding, scooter riding kid who loves to be outside and get dirty. As soon as I said, "We're done" it didn't take him even 10 seconds to take off his shirt and start riding his board around the park. 

There are no words to explain how much I loved this session. I remember her telling me "You are a saint for taking us on because we are so awkward in front of the camera." Clearly, no awkwardness or nervousness seen here. I hope you enjoy these photos of how natural and beautiful Erika and her family look. 

Clare Murray1 Comment