Low Key Florida Christmas Inspired Styled Shoot

Dash has been one of my best friends for many years, and has helped me out on many occasions. Especially, when is comes to modeling for pictures! Kaitlyn, his recent girlfriend, is nothing but beautiful! So you can imagine why I asked them both to model for me in a low key Florida Christmas inspired styled shoot. 

Lots of preparation went into this shoot. Kaitlyn and I spent countless hours finding the perfect dress and discussing what kind of hair and makeup would go well together. We were all excited and couldn't wait for this day to come. As the day came closer, Kaitlyn would tell me she was nervous that the dress wouldn't fit. Between all the hype and excitement, I reassured her. Nonetheless, she is absolutely gorgeous, so what possibly could go wrong! Kaitlyn looked so stunning in her dress and Dash looked so dapper in his suit! It was incredible how everything came into place. It also wouldn't have been possible without Yesy Feldman from Love in Vintage. Seriously, without her beautiful table and chairs, I don't know what I would have done! So without further delay, below are some of my favorite photos! 


Seriously, they could not be more perfect for each other! 

Kaitlyn's hair and makeup was on point! 

And Dash looking so amazing in his suit! 

A squirrel starting throwing nuts at us!

Thank you Kaitlyn and Dash! You guys were awesome! And, thank you Yesy Feldman from Love in Vintage




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