Community over Competition

Ever started a project and have no idea where to start? No one to turn to to ask questions? Looking at the same screen and not seeing any progress? Believe it or not, I was in that same boat not to long ago -- and so was any business owner when they started their business (your not alone). Anybody can start a business, as long as you are patient and know which resources are available to you. 

I wanted to start branding my business and was clueless. The progress came when I started searching and reaching out to people. I started searching for experts in the subject, which led me to Rising Tide Society ( GREAT place to start networking. It is a social community of members who have different types of creativity that reflect their personal style. They range from wedding planners to newborn photographers, like myself. The best thing- there are people right in YOUR community!

Rising Tide Society created TuesdayTogether where we meet the second Tuesday of every month. This was where I met someone to help me with branding. She gave me tips to start and get on my way. In a sense, its a way of giving back and offering signature products. People want to help you and see you succeed. Like Deborah Zoe Parker said, "cultivating meaningful and REAL relationships with other creatives can be the catalyst to opportunities and connections you can't develop sitting alone in your office." You never know who can help you unless you start networking and asking away!