Friday Feats

Cheers: A way of saying 'thank you', usually after giving or receiving something.

It was a phrase my Aunt Goober always said when celebrating or saying goodbye to someone. As she was very special to me, I incorporated Cheers as a theme I would carry throughout the year. A chance for me to say celebrate and say thank you for the opportunity to start this business and accomplish new goals.

With that being said, I want to introduce Friday Feats. Friday Feats ‪is a way to connect with people and celebrate our small accomplishments for each week. So often we are engulfed in trying to see or achieve the big picture and forget the small steps it took us to get there. For example, losing that extra holiday 5 pounds -- We all have to start somewhere. Maybe it was going to the gym three times a week, or cutting out junk food from your diet. It could also be something so simple or silly like going to the grocery store. By stepping back a minute and reflecting on the small steps, we have more appreciation of how closer we are to our end goals.
This week, my feats were that my website went live (finally) and I went to my first Tuesday Together group meeting.

What are your feats?

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