I never thought I would become a photographer. In fact, I went to school and earned a degree in Nursing. Through all my years in Nursing, I found that my desire to nurture was never fulfilled – until I found my camera. My camera helped me open doors and create new relationships with people I never thought I would. It allowed me to embrace and develop my skills and follow my true passion.

Photography serves as my vehicle to help people capture one of the most momentous times of their life. Though, first specializing in maternity and newborns, I found my true love fell within horses. Anything to do with horses. This sparked the transition in specializing in Equestrian Wedding Photography. I love capturing the connection and bond people share with their horses. 

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Kind Hearted Words

Raquel Bolanos

"Shes the real deal. get your pictures taken and trust she will capture some amazing moments."

Gwendy Gregory

"Clare Murray is an excellent photographer. She puts careful thought into her shoots and is very patient and detail-oriented."

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